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Decorative wall panels 

Decor delights: decorative wall panels.

The world of design, there are many ways of lining the walls. You can resort to old fashioned methods and whitewash them, paint with latex paint or stick the old Wallpaper.

But modern industry, keeping up with fashion and style, offers new panels for decorating the walls. Mounted easily available in so many options that will suit any design and master the most refined taste. They are very practical and easy to clean, moisture - and thermally stable.

Presented in our decorative panels can look like stone, wooden floors, brick, the popular panel is made of particleboard or fiberboard, MDF or PVC, allowed in the case of wood and plaster.

As a producer of such finishing materials in the form of square tiles, strips and even sheets, a wall of any size it is possible to cover without excessive waste. You can verify this by looking at the proposed options on our website.
Democratic variant – gypsum panel. Will last a long time, safe for health, does not burn.

Plastic or PVC panel is also not very expensive, different variety of color options and textures. A brick? Please! Natural stone? There! Wood? For every taste and style. Such a panel is attached directly to a concrete wall. Since PVC, aka polyvinylchlorid, tolerates both moisture and temperature changes, it makes sense to use it in bathrooms and kitchens, where conditions are just like that.

Another interesting variation – gipsovomelovuju panel. Looks like normal plasterboard plate neatly pasted beautiful vinyl plate. The installation, care is very simple. Besides, it is not necessary to wait for the next major overhaul to attach. Requires the soul to refresh your interior, take a look at this variety of decorative panels, and your home will sparkle with new faces.

The rage for interior of steel 3D panel. A kind of futuristic wall is obtained. Previously in sci-Fi movies liked to show the wall structures of the future such. Only then prop there was such an abundance of materials. A 3D panel consists of several layers. First MDF, it is applied to gypsum, plastic or wood, and all together cover with film for strength and beauty. It turns out the surround plate which will adorn home or office in hi-tech styles, modern, loft. It is well-known in zoned interiors.

In our catalog you can find decorative panels under different wood, polished concrete, 3D-panels of various textures. Presented and mosaic options that mimic a saw cut hardwood lumber. There are suggestions in color. Come and we will not disappoint you!