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Especial Home: let there be LIGHT!

The source of light always attracts attention – this was from the time when man learned to use fire for their purposes. But eventually to settle for the only light in the house people no longer wanted particularly beautiful and special chic.

Work with lighting fixtures is one of the most important for designers: we need such a device and looked beautiful on, and off, well-functioned and it was safe.

Our online store works with manufacturers of designer chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps and other appliances that have an excellent reputation in all European countries, so you can be sure not only in the spectacular appearance of the products but also in its quality.

The lighting elements are functional, many models are designed for application of modern energy-saving lamps. Listed in the directory are not only comfortable and stylish table lamp, sconces, soft lighting, cute lamps, but such devices, which are difficult to classify. How can you call a carved column from which the light shines? In whatever form of light-points you need, we are ready to offer the original device, which will be the highlight of your interior.
Power devices are very different: one is designed to create an intimate atmosphere, the other – for bright illumination of the room and accordingly is equipped with not one but a dozen bulbs.

As raw material for illuminating devices are often used natural materials such as wood or the vine. All materials that can ignite, processed by special trains, thanks to which the risk of fire is minimized.

In many cases the designer uses as a decorative element of the electric cable or electric cord. This is possible through the use of high quality materials, thanks to the cord, twisting and bending at any angle, will last a long time, because the inner wire is also flexible and will not break.

Offered on your choice of lighting made in different styles – someone like romantic netting on light-scattering element, and someone will give preference to innovative solutions and minimalism.

Our staff will be happy to advise you on the matter of choice of design lighting device will help to deal with the technical issues that you may have when choosing.