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The little things that give a sense of comfort.

The interior will not look comfortable, though it is missing parts from textile. It can be modern, innovative, but for comfort, feeling of internal heat, it is necessary to apply the many details of interior textiles.

The best part for the designer the opportunity to choose from a variety of fabric textures. A very different impression, for example, wool, silk and cotton and therefore, the use of different textiles can instantly convert a frivolous interior summer to cosy winter.

First and foremost, fabric used for window decorations. Tulle, curtains and blinds is a way to put a spectacular end to the interior. But the designers did not stop at this solution to window decoration – they are used as curtains, ropes or curtains, yarn, and the Eastern curtain panels are used not only to restrict the view of the room from the street, but also for decoration of walls or zoning of space.

Special style gives the room new furniture. But to update sofas and chairs can be the simplest way with several types of covers for upholstered furniture. It is not always possible to apply the case, but in many cases help designed by designers cushions: they can change and transform at its discretion. Pillows – infinite space for imagination and a clear description of the boss room. In the children's pillows often appear in the form of birds and animals in the girls room – pillows with all sorts of flowers. And if the pillow is embroidered in ethno style almost always it will find its place in the living room which will amaze the guests of the house.

European trends in interior design today necessarily mean energy savings. And textile details for this used in almost every European house. Blankets in the period of the heating constant companions of sofas and chairs. Pretty comfortable rugs find their place on the floor near the places where usually relax people.

Pros textiles we have listed, but it should be remembered that textiles can be a disappointment, if you choose poor-quality goods. We cooperate with the famous European manufacturers, therefore, submitted to directories things are not only beautiful and practical things for the interior, but also the best specialists at all stages of production. Therefore we will use environmentally friendly raw materials, only the best dyes that do not fade and do not carry health risks.

The finished products are hypoallergenic, so indulge in the presence of textile decoration.