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Childrens Chair Elephant Materials: polypropylene Dimensions : 78.5*41*41.5

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Стул Puppy

Chair Puppy Material : polypropylene. Dimensions :70*42*55 see

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Furniture for children 

Especial Home: Give your child his own world!

When little man is born, parents want to nurture his personality. And the first sign of independence should be the kid's room – it is this that he felt himself master of the situation. And children's furniture in this room is one of the important components of the feeling of "my house – my fortress".

Features of children furniture is not only size and design but also top quality products. Some people think that baby weighs a bit, so the strength of the furniture is of less importance, but in reality you need to rely on the best quality interior elements, because active and resilient children can jump on beds, swing chairs, careless with the Cabinet doors.

The second reason not to save and only buy the best – environmentally friendly. If the furniture is not produced from compacted sawdust, wood, then the child will live in a healthy atmosphere and will not hurt. This is important because childhood should lay a good Foundation of health for life.

A third reason for purchasing furniture from famous designers – ergonomics. Want to have a child have formed a beautiful posture? In this case, it needs to have a working place at the table that would meet its growth and sleep in a comfortable bed. By the way, many designers present a line of furniture that "grows" with the child, which simplifies the solution.

In our catalog is children's furniture that meets all the above requirements. Many types of furniture that combine several functions, for example, beds can be hidden tables. This allows you to maximize the space for games in the nursery.

Presented on our website is not only those items of furniture which are characteristic for the adult of the interior, but also pleasant things that remind you of childhood: rocking chairs, chests for toys, high chairs and more.

You can purchase a set of furniture in one style and your child will feel like a little Princess, a star athlete or creative. Many of the presented items are designed so that the child creatively developed – this furniture for the children's demand in many developed countries, where adults care about the future of their children from the first days of birth.

Give your child his own world – make his room unique!