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Armchairs, chairs
Chair E2

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Custom furniture
Home furniture

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Rack Esh01

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Coffee, coffee, bedside tables
Coffee table MARKERS

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Стул Виктория

Dining chair Victoria Dimensions: mm 590х710х490

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Стул Ажур

Dining chair Openwork Dimensions: mm 590х690х490

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Бескаркасное кресло Груша

Armchair Pear S 90/65 see M 110/80 cm L 130/90 cm

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Especial Home: stylish, different, better...

Modern interior design is quite a complex concept with no strict semantic framework. Today, coming in a respectable dwelling, it's hard to guess what you will see inside – maybe Japanese minimalism, perhaps comfortable modern or retro style in all its diversity.

That's why furniture designers are tirelessly working to create new models of each style, and our store makes every effort to present buyers with all the best developments.

On our website you will find the most comfortable and ergonomic models of upholstered and Cabinet furniture. Each model is more than practical: it gives a special comfort and emphasizes the artist's interior and status of the owner of the premises.
We present many original types of furniture that have been unjustly forgotten, and return to life all that you with great enthusiasm to apply in their lives, consoles, chests, shelves for wine and other luxury designer things.

The developers of exclusive furniture presented on the website, are able to bring in details of the interior any idea or any subject. And each original model – wardrobe-home, stool-katushka, a table from the stack of wooden plates and many others – will definitely find its place in every home and heart.

For furniture, the manufacturers use only the highest quality materials that look natural and organic, does not produce any harmful fumes and durable enough. Particularly well these trends are reviewed in the massive wood furniture, as if brought from the forest hut of the hunter.

Special attention should be paid to the availability on the website of furniture for all ages. We present how cosy and ultra stylish rocking chair, which will be delighted beloved grandmother, and a wonderful line of furniture for children's room, items in retro style for respectable, successful middle-aged man, as well as many models in the style of hi-tech for young people who do not recognize any restrictions.

All development – from time-tested manufacturers of furniture, which is best proven on the territory of our country, and in Europe. All products comply with international quality standards and modern design trends.

Our online store offers not only the best of designer furniture, but also expert advice on the best choice of product with a twist and delivery to the specified address.