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Chest AZ

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Кашпо для цветов Eshome 01

Outdoor planters (mini-rack) Eshome 01 60х75х30 see - 3800 UAH. 90х110х30 see - 4100 UAH.

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Decor & Accessories 

Especial Home: Individuality is in the details...

Even a fully furnished livable apartment or cottage with a furnished "turn-key" will look completely uninhabited, if they do not have any detail, reflect the inner essence of the master. The appearance of the apartment caskets, candelabra and candlesticks, figurines and vases – as a sign for the guests of the house: "This is my house you live by my rules".

Some of these things people usually chooses for himself – for example, wall or floor hanger. Of course, many people prefer to hide clothes in special wardrobe, but the wardrobe at the first visit to the house to produce the impression that produces original designer hanger?

Buy people usually watch. Ultra-modern or antiqued, watch daily attract our attention, therefore, to meet the tastes of the home owner.

But the jewelry box or just a special detail, vase or figurine can become a nice reminder of the dear person that gave it to me. If you decide on a gift, be sure to consider the character of the person you mean to present and remember that in our online store you can find unique designer designing for every taste.

Sometimes small things of interior allow you to convert neutral, in fact, the situation. If you are renting with furniture, a few strokes will help to arrange the accents so that you in this room have become much more comfortable. Romantic girl, of course, will bet on mirrors, candelabra, jewelry boxes, vases. A business man will set on the Desk drawer for correspondence, the original watch design. The youth will decorate the room with paintings or murals. Parents could buy a bright and cheerful elements – for example, pink clock in the shape of a rabbit.

Everything offered on our website designer accessories are practical items made in accordance with modern trends and European standards. In the production used only the best materials that evoke a sense of comfort (wood, ceramic, natural stone) or the rapture (forged or cast metal, high quality glass).

Our staff will help to find in the catalogs online store is the accessory that will talk about you important.