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Puffs, stools

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Бескаркасный пуф Куб

Square Ottoman Cube 30/30/30's see M 40/40/40 cm L 50/50/50 cm

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Frameless furniture
Бескаркасный Пуф Пазл

Soft Puff Puzzle L 85/55/30 see

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Frameless furniture
Pouf Patrick

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Frameless furniture
Бескаркасный пуф Тыква

Soft puff Pumpkin L 45/65 cm

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Frameless furniture
Бескаркасный круглый пуф Коло

Soft round pouf Colo M 60/60/30 cm L 90/90/40 see

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Puffs, stools 

Especial Home: the little things of life should be enjoyable!

Ottomans and banquettes – a French invention, which for several centuries of existence, much has changed.
Originally it was a large pillow with the fluff, but for many years puffs produced with wooden legs, in some cases, on wheels, with drawer for keeping things inside and many other models. Frameless, as it was many years ago, there were only bean-bag chairs that are now considered innovative rather than classic models.

Modern Ottomans and stools is a small soft stools, which will organically look in the interior of a bedroom or hallway. However, it should be noted that not all styles of interior favorable to the Ottomans and banquettes. As a rule, they fit well in the luxury design space. Appropriate here and carved legs, and expensive upholstery, and a variety of details such as decorative studs, cords, brushes.

However, now there are new designer models these types of furniture. For them, the more staid or innovative design on a metal frame or even frameless, these poufs and stools organic look in modern interiors, in particular in the home of children or young people.

The quality of the Ottomans and banquettes is determined significantly by the quality of the filler, a spring component (if applicable) and upholstery. Especially important to the quality of upholstery fabric for frameless furniture – for example, pears.

The designers of the models in our catalogues provided a variety of upholstery options for many models of Ottomans and banquettes. All fabrics meet modern standards of quality – strong, durable, environmentally friendly, stain resistant. Some types of poufs and banquettes have removable cushions, which replace the standard couch – it makes cleaning upholstery, because you can change the pillow case on a pillow is much easier than the upholstery on the stool of standard design.

The advantages of poufs and banquettes for interior design: mobility - PUF can be applied anywhere, it is easy to move, this miniature stool may be useful if you need to sit low enough – in front of the mirror, near the tables.

Search the stool or stools will be successful, if you are familiar with our catalog models from leading domestic and world manufacturers of designer furniture, and our managers will help to choose the model and make a purchase.