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Bar stools
Стул Air 2 (Natural)

Designer polobunny chair Air 2 Bar S Dimensions: 60x60x90 see

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Bar stools 

Especial Home: we will provide comfortable stay in the bar!

Any institution to stay suggests the presence of the original situation, which will give visitors a lasting impression and make you come back or tell friends about what they saw. And the bar stools in this case play an important role. They should look spectacular and to be comfortable for sitting. To this end, many bars have high chairs, which help to comfortably accommodate them at the bar.

For bars that claim to be a reputable institution, the acquisition of designer furniture, including barstools, is not a whim but a necessity.

There are several varieties of bar stools:
The simplest model resembles the high stool without a back. The advantage of this model for the visitor is the opportunity to showcase themselves in an advantageous position. These chairs are the most popular institutions in which rests an active youth. Choosing this kind of barstools, you need to pay attention to the availability and quality of support for the feet.

The other common type of bar stools is more reminiscent of the swivel chair. This model is popular for bars which rest the people of more advanced age. It attracts visitors the opportunity to relax with a drink in hand, leaning on the backrest and armrests.

For bars in which there is a summer Playground, created light, cheerful colorful plastic chairs.
Designers are not would creative people, if not offered more than one solution in the development of bar stools. But what unites all models are very important for furniture in public school quality is durability. The reason is that our online store is working with manufacturers who value their reputation and use only the best raw materials for its products. Whatever chairs you have purchased a wooden style similar to classic metal with plastic parts, upholstered, or without it – they will last a long time and repeatedly will be worth the investment to purchase them.

The second positive quality of these chairs is the ease of purification. Bar chairs – is the idea embodied in the simple lines and resistant to detergents materials.

Please contact our staff and they will help you make the right choice of bar stools that will surely become a decoration of any public institution.