Public contract - offer an online store

This agreement between the owner Tarasova, Yanina Radievna (hereinafter referred to as the Seller) and the user of services of the Internet store, hereinafter referred to as the Buyer determines the conditions of acquisition of goods through the website an online store

1. General provisions

1.1. The seller publishes the present contract of purchase and sale, which is a public contract-offer (proposal) to the address physical and juridical persons in accordance with the Legislation of Ukraine.

1.2. This public offer (hereinafter "offer") defines all essential terms of the contract between the seller and the person accepting the offer.

1.3. This agreement is between the seller and the Buyer at the time of ordering.

1.4. The offer may be accepted any individual or legal entity on the territory of CIS (Ukraine, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, etc.) having the intention to purchase products from the Seller via the online shop located on website

1.5. The buyer expressly accepts all terms and conditions contained in the offer in full and without exception.

1.6. In case of acceptance of the terms of this agreement, a physical or legal person conducting the acceptance of the offer, becomes the Buyer. Acceptance is the fact of the payment in the amount and on the terms of this agreement.

1.7. The offer and all the information about the purchased goods published on the website

2. The status of the online store

2.1. Online store - the website located on the Internet at by which the Seller sells goods, the property of the Seller and for the organization of remote ways of selling products over the Internet.

2.2. Online store is not responsible for the content or accuracy of the information provided by the Buyer when ordering.

3. The Subject Of The Offer

3.1. The seller, on the basis of customer orders and on the basis of pre-payment, sells the goods in accordance with the terms and at prices established by the Seller in the Offer and its annexes.

3.2. The subject of this Agreement is to enable the Buyer to purchase for personal and professional purposes the Products presented in the catalog online shop

3.3. A natural or legal person is considered to have accepted all the terms of the offer and its annexes in full and without exception from the moment of receipt of funds in payment of the goods at the Seller's settlement account or from the moment of receipt of money resources on the settlement account of the Operator of the payment system (in case of payment through the payment system). In case of acceptance of the offer by one of the above methods, an individual is considered to have concluded with Seller the contract of purchase and sale of goods ordered and acquires the status of the Buyer.

4. Definition

4.1. Buyer - natural or legal person who has accepted in full and without exceptions the terms of the offer (accepted the offer) in accordance to claim 1.4 offer.

4.2. The seller – FLP Tarasova Janina Radievna.

4.3. Online shop - Internet site having the address on the Internet owned by the Seller and held for sale by the Seller to the Buyers on the basis of the offer of the goods belonging to the seller.

4.4. The directory - information about the goods placed in the online store.

4.5. The goods: - furniture and lighting in the loft.

4.6. Order - the decision of the Buyer to purchase goods in the online store.

4.7. The place of performance of the order - the email address specified by the Buyer Buyer's personal account on the website where is the information about the order.

4.8. Parties - the Buyer and the Seller.

5. The order of conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale

5.1. The buyer can place the order yourself on the website of the online store, or through the Manager on the numbers listed on the website, the terms of the Contract of sale (public offer online store).

5.2. When ordering on the website of the online store Buyer must provide information about yourself:

1. Name

2. the delivery address

3. contact phone and email of the Buyer of the Goods.

5.3. Internet shop does not edit the information on the Buyer.

5.4. When placing the order the Buyer gives consent to the processing of their personal data without restriction of term of its action.

6. Product information

6.1. The seller provides the Goods for order given on the website. The goods are accompanied by photos, description and price.

6.2. All materials on the website of the online store are for reference. In the event of the Purchaser issues relating to methods of use of the Goods, the Buyer should before placing your order to contact the Seller listed on the site phone or email.

7. The order of purchase

7.1. The buyer has the right to place an order for any product in the online store. Each product can be ordered in any quantity. Exceptions to this rule are indicated in the description of each item.

7.2. The order may be issued by the Buyer in the online-shop or by phones specified on the website.

7.3. After ordering the Seller to the Buyer's email address sends the confirmation of order and invoice, specifying the names, amount and prices of selected goods and the total amount of the order, which is an integral part of this agreement. Payment of the invoice by the Buyer is a confirmation of the placed order. Further, the Manager of the online store associated with the Buyer by phone or email for more information on the order and timing of delivery.

7.4. The order is processed after pre-payment.

7.5. The period of delivery specified by the Manager at the first contact with the customer after placing of an order and is calculated in working days, starting from the moment the funds are credited to the account of the Seller.

8. The price of the goods

8.1. Product price is indicated in UAH.

8.2. Specified in the online shop and the item price can be changed unilaterally, the price of ordered and paid goods can not be changed.

9. Payment for the goods

9.1. Methods and terms of payment stated on the website of the online shop under "shipping and payment products."

9.2. After receipt of money resources on the account of the Seller, the Manager of the online store negotiates with the Buyer the ways and time of delivery. The Buyer's obligation to pay the price of the goods is fulfilled upon crediting of the funds to the Seller.

9.3. Buyer pays order any method selected in the Internet store.

9.4. The calculations of the Parties when paying for the order are in Ukrainian hryvnia.

10. Delivery of goods

10.1. The means, manner and terms of delivery are indicated on the website of the online shop under "shipping Information". Method and procedure of delivery agreed with the Purchaser Manager online store.

11. The return of goods

11.1. The return of the goods in online shop is made in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
11.2. The return of the goods in the online store shall be made at the Buyer's expense.
11.3. In return the Buyer of the goods of good quality online store returns he paid for the goods a sum of money upon the return of the goods after deduction of the expenses of an online store associated with the delivery of the goods to the Buyer.

12. Exchange of goods of improper quality

12.1. Exchange of goods of improper quality is possible if its trade dress, consumer properties, and also the document confirming the fact and conditions of purchase of this product.

12.2. The exchange of goods, in the cases provided for by law and this Agreement, is made after the treatment on our email.address: or call the Seller at the contact numbers listed on the site.

13. Liability of the parties

13.1. The parties shall bear responsibility in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

13.2. The seller is not responsible for damage caused to the customer due to improper use of the products ordered in the online store.

13.3. The parties are relieved from responsibility for default or inadequate execution of obligations under the contract for the duration of the force majeure.

14. Other conditions

14.1. In case of questions and complaints from the Buyer, he should contact the office of the Seller or by

14.2. This agreement shall enter into force from the date of acceptance by the Buyer of this offer and is valid until fulfillment of obligations by the Parties.

14.3. All disputes arising from the performance of obligations under this agreement shall be resolved through negotiations.

14.4. Online store reserves the right to expand and reduce product offering on the site, to regulate access to the purchase of any goods and to suspend or discontinue the sale of any goods at its sole discretion.

15. Address and details of the Seller:

FLP Tarasova Janina Radievna

INN 3127805486

Phone: +380(98)1772554, +380(95)0963343

El. address: