Delivery of furniture in Kiev

In any area of the city!

The cost of delivery of furniture in Kiev: Depends on distance from the warehouse, in the range of 50-500 UAH.

The cost of delivery of furniture outside of Kiev: 50-500 UAH to KP + 5 UAH/1 km to the entrance.

The cost of carry/lift to the apartment: Depends on the size, weight, number of items and levels: from 30 UAH.

In the absence of a freight Elevator, or if lifting it for any reason impossible, the cost recovery order is 50 UAH. for each floor .

Delivery in Ukraine

We deliver all over Ukraine through a popular delivery service of goods and commodities - the "New Mail", "In-Time" and others.

The cost of delivery of small goods may be in the range of 100-250 UAH. Sofas,furniture sets, according to preliminary estimates: 250-1100 UAH.

In each case you need to check the cost of delivery from the shipping company.

In the regions we deliver after payment of the cost of goods.


The return of the furniture:

The buyer has the right within 14 fourteen days, excluding the day of purchase to exchange for same or return purchased goods (furniture), if damaged packaging, factory labels (tags), it was not used, was not in the Assembly (mounting), its trade dress, consumer properties, a receipt issued to the buyer together with the goods.

The buyer shall provide the Manager of the store "Application on return of goods" with a description of the return reason from the attached photo flaws (damaged product). After application, the store management will make a decision according to the return reason the customer's application.

You will be refused a replacement (refund) if:

- from the date of purchase of the goods subject to exchange or refund, 14 days or more;

- the item being returned is new, i.e. was in the Assembly (mounting), damaged original packaging, factory labels;

- if the order was made on the individual sizes.

Return shipping of goods paid by the Buyer.

These terms are drawn up in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and does not infringe the legal rights of the Buyer.