Деревянное кашпо GOLD Луна WoodMood

Pots Night WoodMood

In pots is placed a pot with flowers size 12 cm diameter and 12 cm height (standard Orchid).

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Stylish planters for flowers of the Night WoodMood

Planters made of wood is ideal for orchids.

The material is raw wood of valuable breeds which have preserved the warmth and even the smell of the forest.

In pots is placed a pot with flowers size 12 cm diameter and 12 cm height (standard Orchid).

No need to transplant the flower after the transparent walls of the planter make it easy to determine the condition of the soil, and the attached saucer under the pot - makes it comfortable to water the flower.

Broad, stable bottom — it is so important for a room. You can not be afraid that your plant will fall.

Even Pets it is not overturned.

Safely move the song to a new place. No lifting - no need.

Glass or lacquered surface - wood base planters are very friendly treats your furniture.

Stylish gift packaging is fraught with huge opportunities to transform potted plants and flowers in a full bouquet gift.

Is to squeeze a perforated box cover and pull handles and elegant flower arrangement prepared.

Be sure You gave the bouquet will be longer than anyone delight and admiration.

It is possible to produce product of the desired size and color.

The product availability check with the Manager.

If the item is not in stock, production time is 21 working days!

12 month warranty!

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