Sunbed And Long Island Elite




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That symbolizes a carefree stay at an expensive resort? Of course you lie down in a comfortable sun lounger, sipping a cocktail. Using the correct sewing, design and soft filler, the new chair will take carefree resort in your home, office and in any other area

L size - 95*75cm, price 5550 UAH.


The quality of the filler depends on the life of the bag chairs.

All over the world use polystyrene foam otherwise the foam balls that are of varying quality and cost. The larger the ball, the more will drop poof with time. For best performance, we use an exclusive German Styrofoam with a small size of granules, whose diameter does not exceed 2 mm. It ensures absolute silent operation and minimal sagging armchairs.

For comparison, mainly on the market use cheap filler of pellets of 5-7 mm, which leads to a rapid shrinkage of the chairs for the first 2-3 months of use puffs reduced by half. And this in turn creates unnecessary inconvenience and expense to search for extra filler and restore the primary form of Seating.

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